42. March 2014

Editors Note

Hello to all the loyal readers, and welcome to the new ones, I hope you guys stick around for a long time and help us promote our great country’s music.

We have a very full magazine again this month which is awesome, please look through to the end, there are some awesome photos at the ned of the magazine to have a look at, also don’t forget to check out the galleries on our website below.

Please feel free to get in touch with us with suggestions, ideas and of course if you would like to feature in our next issues. Also check out our events coming up and please send us your events so we can let South Africa know where they can find our musicians in action. You can also stay in touch via our facebook page, address below, you can just click on the link below and it will take you straight there, please share us with your friends and family, we need as much support for these hard working musicians as we can get. Thank you to everyone who is already sharing the magazine.

This Month we find out about Shadowclub and their new album, Tree 63 reuniting for Splashy Fen, Because of Betrayal, a great metal band rising through the ranks and many more bands to learn about. Check the site for the music from these bands, their gigs and much more.

We have great articles as usual, awesome photos and lots of information so have a look and let people know.

Have an awesome month ahead !!!!!





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