The 7 Best Countries and 3 to Avoid for traveling musicians by Brett Newski

Hello friends. My name is Brett Newski. Since 2010, I’ve made a living as a nomadic songwriter playing around 1000 gigs on six continents and 22 countries. Traveling and touring is certainly an obsession of mine, and while the road brings endless beat downs, the glory and the novelty of seeing new places is invigorating enough to keep me truckin’.

Below is simply one mans’ analysis of experiences playing select countries. At this point I’ve toured each country at least twice, and while everyone’s experience is different, this is my grasp on the best and worst spots around the globe to play gigs. Hopefully this brings you insights on where to route your next international tour.

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South Africa is on the list as one of the Best… Thanks Brett, You Rock Mate !


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