The Legend – Band Exposure Package

The Legend – Band Exposure Package

I have decided to put a package together that will elevate your bands exposure and give you some cool extra’s

What you get with package is the following :

  1. A 10 page uniquely designed turn page online magazine
    • You are not limited to 10 pages if your information, photos and band relevant information exceeds the space.
    • Once designed and approved by the band the magazine and all its files will belong to the band to keep.
    • The Magazine will be uploaded to the Front Page of TheRiffMusic Website where it will remain for 1 Year.
    • The Magazine will also be advertised by TheRiffMusic Marketing to all Social media that the Riff belongs to which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.
  2. 5 Printed Tshirts for the Band
    • the TShirts are printed on the Front or back in an A4 size.
    • 2 Designs will be presented to the band from the Logo or band Picture provided.
      • Two changes will be accepted.
    • Prints on the front and back will be an additional fee of R30 per shirt
    • Various colours available and all Sizes available
    • Tshirts are 165 gsm
  3. 5 Printed Soft Cover Magazines
    • The magazine designed in point 1 will be printed
    • more magazines can be printed on request at additional costs
  4. Unlimited Posts on All Social Media
    • The Riff has huge followers all over the world on our various social media
    • posts are loaded into a program that will send them out as follows
      • News – 8 posts over 4 weeks
      • New Music – 8 Posts over 4 weeks
      • Press Releases – 8 Posts over 4 Weeks
    • All post provided by the band to
  5. Unlimited Posts for Gigs, Events and Functions
    • The posts will be sent as above for all gigs
    • Posts will be added to our calendar which has a countdown function
    • All posts provided by the band to
    • TheRiffMusic will attend events on request and availability
    • any events attended will have a further write up on the event and band.
  6. Full Exposure on The
    • The Riff will be transformed into your band for 4 weeks
    • The Background will be changed to your logo
    • We will upload 3 songs onto the front page
    • A Gallery of your band will be setup as the main gallery
    • A Music Video if available will be showcased on the Front Page
    • Your Magazine will be the Main feature for the month
  7. Own Gallery Created
    • Your Gallery will be feature for the first 4 weeks
    • After the 4 weeks your gallery will stay online forever
    • Update to your gallery will be accepted for the 4 weeks of your feature.
  8. Interview
    • An Interview Written or verbal based on availability will be done
    • The Interview will be published in your magazine
    • The Interview will be listed under our interview gallery and feature in your 4 weeks.

We are always improving on our service to bands and artists as we believe your exposure is important.

Please Direct all Enquieries or Questions or Interest in the package to

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