South Africa’s new songbird is here, and she’s packing a punch on the positivity – introducing VUYINA

South Africa’s new songbird is here, and she’s bringing the positivity – introducing Vuyina 

Still in High School and only 17 years old, Vuyina provides a light to those who feel lost and helpless, through music and song. Vuyina (shortened from Awuvuyina), directly translated means, “Are you happy?” sings about things meant to inspire and remind people that they are not alone generic levitra in the world.

Born in Johannesburg, this songbird breathes fresh new life into pop music, providing a harmony to real life topics such as the pressure of living generic levitra up to the unreal ideals of society, self doubt, friendship and identity.

Born to a mother of 5, hard work has always been part of her life story, and her music career is no different. With the full support for her 4 brothers and sisters, and her mother, Vuyina set out to pursue her career in a tough industry. Her debut release is testament that if you want something enough, you can achieve it.

Recorded at Openroom Productions with Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe), Vuyina’s debut to the industry is a pure pop track inspired by Ariana Grade, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. “I Know” was co-written by Vuyina, Greg Carlin and Ruby Gill, and for an artist of her age, the track “I Know” is absolutely inspirational and thoughtful without a single hint of love mixed in there.

Vuyina and Greg are currently working on tracks for her debut album due out in 2017.

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