Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival Launches

Saggy Stone Brewery launches their own Beer & Music Festival


This summer, there will be a new festival name on everyone’s lips, as the inaugural Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival at their Robertson Brewery takes place.

Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival is unlike any other festival, where the bands come first. To kick off the festival, a kick-ass line up of South African artists have been confirmed to perform, with more to be announced over the coming weeks.

Kicking off the announcements with 4 of the hottest artists will be….

Al Bairre

Nomadic Orchestra

The Kiffness

Emile Sweigers


Each Wednesday, look out for the announcement of more artists who will be joining the Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival, taking place on 11 February.

What can we tell you about this festival? Yes there is music and yes there is delicious, cold beer that is brewed on the festival site. We can also tell you that it’s set in a beautiful part of the Langeberg mountain range near Robertson. The festival site is on a working farm part of 2000 hectares of nature reserve. By day you can laze on the grass and at night gaze up at the stars while taking in the best of SA music, all with a cold frothy in hand.

Limited Early Bird tickets R165 on sale now

Event limited to 2000 people

Additional camping options

Find Saggy Stone online to be the first to hear the line-up as well as other activities and offers that your tickets will get you.


Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival

Date: 11 February 2017

Venue: Amandalia Farm, Robertson

Line-up: Al Bairre, Nomadic Orchestra, The Kiffness, Emile Sweigers & MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

More about Saggy Stone:

Rarely does the story of beer start with a baker, his brother and a Jacuzzi. But at Saggy Stone, this is exactly how a fruit and wine farm became a microbrewery, brewpub and restaurant.

Whilst in a Jacuzzi, brothers Adrian and Phillip Robinson, decided to buy a fruit farm situated in the heart of Nuy Valley, west of Robertson in the hopes of turning its grapes into wine and exporting its fruit overseas. They changed course after travelling through Australia, where Phillip noticed a trend of microbreweries scattered in the Outback’s vineyards. This gave him the inspiration to become Robertson’s first “beer-brewing farm”.

Their dream kicked off in 2007, with a couple of experimental kit beers made for friends and family. A combination of Phillip’s recipes and Adrian’s 12-year stint as a baker, ensured they perfected the art of brewing using the all-grain brewing method, while discovering that the pure mountain water on the farm made the perfect pint.

Content with the outcome three years later, the plan was to distribute their beer to pubs but this left them feeling unsatisfied. Not knowing or being able to see how beer drinkers received their beers resulted in the birth of Saggy Stone Brewpub in 2010. Set amongst the plum orchards and built from natural river stone found on the farm, this pub puts the “craft” in craft beer.

Today, Saggy Stone offers 5 distinctively different and satisfying brews, the result of using only natural spring water found on the farm and taken from the head spring at the top of the Langeberg Mountains. This pure, moss-filtered spring water that flows over the smoothest granite, is the key to a great tasting craft beer and as the brothers know, great mountain water, makes better beer.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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