An acoustic musical adventure with a delightful ending

An acoustic musical adventure with a delightful ending


In the same way the breath-taking colours and shapes of a kaleidoscope fascinates, this talented acoustic music group – with the same name – have managed to conquer the hearts of music lovers from across the country for the past ten years. This Huisgenoot Tempo-awarded (Best Contemporary Album 2012) and Ghoema nominated (Newcomer of the Year, Best Contemporary Album, Music Video of the Year) duo manages every aspect of their own music and offers listeners a goose bump-worthy acoustic sound, mixed with a majestic combination of melodies and instruments. Their unique sound not only excites audiences of all ages, but is also proof of their talent, passion and synergy.

The group currently consists of Jouba (founding member) and Anique Jordaan, and was founded in 2006 when the original members (Jouba and Gerhard Liebenberg) were both still students. Although they released an album, Bladwisselend, in 2007, all performances were cancelled in 2008 when Gerhard had to quit the group to meet his bursary obligations in Namibia. It was only when Anique Jordaan joined the group as co-singer in 2009 that Kaleidoskoop started performing again full-time in 2010. Since then the duo made their mark in the music industry, achieved quite a lot of success and shared the stage with some of the country’s biggest artists such as Mathys Roets, Theuns Jordaan, Juanita du Plessis, Drie Van Die Bestes, Lize Beekman, Adam Tas, Chris Chameleon and many more. Apart from various nominations, awards and radio hits, the pair also achieved great success with their music videos on social media. Their song, Vars Uitgekerf, has already been watched by over 77 000 people on YouTube, while Roadtrip reached more than 44 500 viewers to date. The latter was also nominated for a Ghoema Award in 2015. The group also made their first international appearance this year with a performance in a lavender field in Geraldton, Australia; featured as guest artists on Joshua na die Reënʼs album (on the song Stranddans); and toured with the show, Afrikaans Akoesties, alongside Bouwer Bosch, Deon Meiring and Len Muller in 2014.

Over the years they have released three successful albums and a DVD. Platsak, produced in 2010 at a beach house in Vleesbaai, is the ideal album to enjoy listening to in front of a cosy fireplace, with a glass of red wine in hand. It consists of hits like Moedersmelk and Jou Hart In My and mainly focuses on love issues and life in general. The second album, Vars Uitgekerf, earned them various nominations and awards and also includes their special rendition of the Cranberries hit, Zombie, which was very well received in the music industry. Album number three, Acoustic Covers, was released with a DVD and consists of Kaleidoskoopʼs unique versions of great and famous artists’ hits. “Because our fans wanted to hear these songs that we sing at our shows (not written by us) on CD, we decided to record them, but with a fresh new twist. It contains hits from world-famous singers that we reworked into acoustic versions,” they say. Acoustic Covers features interesting instruments such as the accordion, Wurlitzer, ukulele, glockenspiel, 12-cord guitar, contrabass as well as cello and violins. Jouba and Aniqueʼs unique style ensures a fresh kaleidoscopic version of these old favourites.



To celebrate a successful decade in the music industry, the group recently released a new single, Wegbreek, which will be part of their brand new album to be released in March 2017. This feel-good track (a combined effort by Jouba Jordaan and Christiaan Baartman) has a lively folk-pop sound that will not only get stuck in your head, but also cause you to hum along with the tune. “The song title speaks for itself. It’s about the notion that everyone has inside of them to just break away and out of the city, to go to the sea or a dirt road destination in order to find perspective, peace and quiet,” the duo shares. “We both come from small towns in the countryside, so we miss the farm and the small farm towns we used to call home. We also miss the simplicity and peace of life in the countryside, and the song is about finding new perspective. It puts into words what our hearts feel when city-living starts to overwhelm us. The song’s lyrics will awaken nostalgia in anyone with a sense of adventure – active or dormant. People should listen to it to get the holiday vibes off to a start and to get a renewed sense of how the summer sun kisses your skin. The song’s feel-good rhythm and melody, along with the string instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, immediately creates a country- or coastal holiday atmosphere… the perfect song to listen to when taking a road trip.”

Although the upcoming album doesn’t have a title yet, they are very excited about the project. Like their previous albums, this one will also focus on life, love and being human and will build forth on the acoustic winning recipe that they became famous for. “We experimented a bit with electro sounds on our previous album, but did not forsake our acoustic tone. We broke away from the electro style a bit on the new album and used our deeply anchored acoustic tone to our advantage. We also touched on the subject of the heartaches of life – which is a reality of course – but still tried to inspire people. We want to convey a message of hope in difficult and sad times,” they say. Eleven original tracks with titles such as Somerreën (their favourite), Die Goeie en Vlugvoetig and acoustic versions of two well-known hits – which they perform at their shows and were requested by the audience – will be included on this gem. “It is with great excitement that we say that listeners can look forward to an album that will take them on a different route each time they listen to it, because of the interesting detail and the way the songs have been mastered. The strong lyrical content, as well as the large variety of songs, will leave a lasting impression on anyone listening to it.”



Jouba Jordaan, founding member of the group, songwriter and composer, is responsible for the guitar, voice, percussion, harmonica and ukulele in the group. He comes from the very small town, Kremetart (located close to the Kruger National Park), and studied BSc Vineyard- and Winemaking at the University of Stellenbosch. His love for music started in his student years when he saw someone doing a live performance, which made him decide to purchase his first guitar. Afterwards he was smitten. He decided in his third year at Stellenbosch to give up his rugby dreams in exchange for an amazing musical adventure that lead him to where he is today. If he had to choose a different career, he would’ve liked to be a carpenter or a winemaker.

Anique Jordaan is the talented co-singer of Kaleidoskoop with the soothing voice. She also plays the keyboard and accordion. The soulful singer exchanged her ballet shoes for singing lessons at the age of eleven and boasts a Grade 7 piano qualification from UNISA. She also obtained a BSc Human Sciences- and honours in Physiology at the University of Stellenbosch and sang in the choir for three years. She was also the ‘Sêr’-leader of her hostel, Metanoia, who won the national competition in 2007. If she had to choose a different career, she would’ve liked to be a nursery school teacher or to be involved in some field of the visual arts.

Kaleidoskoop still has big dreams for the future that include more albums, performances and a tour to Belgium. They also want to make music with the likes of Laurika Rauch someday. “She is one of our childhood heroines and her songs awaken a lot of emotion and nostalgia in us. She remained true to herself through the years and is still faithful to her own musical style. We also admire her humility and warmth as a person,” the two – who have a lot in common with this music legend – says. “The music industry taught us that hard work pays off and that you should therefore stay true to yourself and to the music that resonates with your heart. It is a blessing to be able to do what you love and to be in a position to choose where you want to perform, because a lot of artists have to play in anywhere they can to make ends meet.”

The duo believes that music is a universal language that speaks directly to people’s hearts, and their own work is a true reflection of this. The unique way in which they have succeeded in combining their voices with various instruments and moving lyrics, not only tugs at the heartstrings, but also provides great pleasure to anyone listening to it. Their latest single is top-notch and is a true testimony of how their music have matured into the rounded, signature sound that music lovers have come to associate with these talented musicians. We are looking forward to seeing what the duo has planned for the next ten years.


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– Paul Simon se Call me All
– Michael Jackson se Billie Jean
– Brandi Carlile se The Story
– Chicago se If you leave me now
– ABBA se Super Trooper
– Eternal se I wanna be the only one

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